Monday, October 9, 2017

green tea with lemon

I'm on the fence about posting every day, or just posting when I switch teas.
while I'm here it won't make much of a difference, but once I get back home it might.
I dunno...  that'd be way easier on instagram or tumblr since they have apps that I can upload photos to straight from my phone.
we'll see.
now!  on to my tea!

I finished the herbal tea sampler so I started on the next box of tea I have here: green tea with lemon.
this is the bf's preferred green tea (bagged, at least) so I figured if I didn't finish the box here we'd finish it at home.
I like it a lot too, but brewing green tea by hand is such a pain!  mess up the water temp and it's near undrinkable.  cue my new thermometer, eh?
but I brewed the herbals at about this temp too, so I guess I just like to complain.
my tea kettle has spoiled me.  I miss it so much, qq!

the lemon is not exactly subtle, and green tea is so mild...  still, I like it.
also, it goes surprisingly well with dried figs.

steep time: 1 min < x < 2 mins
steep temp: ~ 170℉
added: n/a

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