Wednesday, October 4, 2017

since herbals handle hot water the best

well, best without sugar.  I take my black teas with a ton of sugar added, and I didn't bring any rock sugar with me >_<

I've been staying at the empty house all week and both my kettles and tea have already moved.
I remembered I keep a cheap kettle in the math office (I spend a lot of time on campus) so I brought that home and have been enjoying tea bags.
I've already finished the peppermint and just moved on to the honey vanilla chamomile last night.
I don't think I'd buy this sampler again as not only do the tea bags not have strings (I'm using some tong-things from the bf's little bar set since I still hadn't packed it) but the teabags aren't individually wrapped so I'm having to drink the 5 little bags of each flavor in a row.
I guess that's not true.
I could empty the box into a tea tin and live dangerously.
alas, I have no tea tins here.

I do rather like the honey vanilla chamomile though.
doesn't re-steep very well, but it is very nice the first couple of times.

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