Friday, October 20, 2017

fall cleaning

so, the bf bought a light to put under the cabinet where I keep my kettles, and holy shit my kettle looked gross.
honestly I've been meaning to clean it for aaages but I have no idea which box the kitchen scale is in.
I broke down and bought a cheap kitchen scale last night and finally measured out 6 grams of sodium percarbonate and 4 grams of soda ash.
and I cleaned my fucking kettle.
well, ok...  all I really did was boil water, wait a minute, lower the basket, and then dump in the 10 grams of stuff.


everything went better than expected~
ok...  not really...  the bf has cleaned my kettle before and so I did expect it to come back like new.
there are still some deposits of something on the bottom of the kettle, and I meant to buy vinegar last night but for whatever reason I marked it off my list without actually putting any in my cart.
still, this looks soo much better ^_^

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