Saturday, December 9, 2017

victorian london fog

I did mention that harney is 20% off for the holidays, right?

yeah so london fog is supposed to be earl grey with steamed milk..  like a latte, right?
this stuff is black & oolong tea, bergamot oil, lavender, and vanilla flavor.

I'm excited to try it!
I'm a little worried about the steeping procedure (they recommend 212º for 5 mins, think next time I might drop it to 205º for 4 mins, though I did only do 4 mins this time anyway), but I guess we'll see how it goes.

steep time: 4 mins
steep temp: 212º F
added: 4 teaspoons of rock sugar

it went ok.
both this & paris by harney left a weird aftertaste.
I will def be fucking with brew times & temps, so hopefully it cleans up a bit.
I dunno, the earl grey supreme was great and I want to say I used their recommended time/temp.
fuck me, right?
I'll hafta make another round at 212º with 5 mins before I start fucking with it.
it's still good, just like I said, bit of a weird aftertaste.

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